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When individually using the applicator need not Lyapko disinfection. Hygienic care for them includes: processing detergent solution (shampoo, liquid soap), wash with running water and drying a stream of hot air (with a hair dryer). With proper care, the service life of the applicator is 7 years.Needles of the applicator are made of such, necessary for human body, metals as zinc, cooper, iron, nickel and silver. High therapeutic efficiency is gained both by means of reflex and mechanical stimulation, and by means of galvanic currents produced in the skin, on the edges of the needles and between them, which leads to increased elective microelectrophoresis of the metals into internal medium.Chance applicator Lyapko Ag May be used independently or with other Lyapko application devices on any sites of the body. Silver needles are applied. Recommended for application on the back, as a pad for feet (in sitting or lying position), on the stomach – for prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system and at adiposity.

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Buy FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.Lyapko Applicator structure The applicators are elastic rubber plates or rollers with the needles fixed on them in a special way. The needles are made of metals necessary for human body (zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver).Diese Einkaufsfunktion wird weiterhin Artikel laden. Um aus diesem Karussell zu navigieren, benutzen Sie bitte Ihre Überschrift-Tastenkombination, um zur nächsten oder vorherigen Überschrift zu navigieren.

Pain relief and massage therapy with Lyapko Applicator: acupuncture/acupressure massage devices for prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases.Seien Sie gesund und glücklich! Der Meinung von Doktor Lyapko nach besteht die einfachste und effektivste Methode „den eigenen Arzt“ in die Arbeit einzubeziehen darin, daß es nötig ist, auf die Hautabschnitte.lyapko application devise Lyapko applicators are elastic rubber plates and rollers which are made of medical rubber, the main component of which is natural rubber. Needles of Lyapko applicators consist of five natural metals which are organic for a human body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver.

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LYAPKO APPLICATOR CHANCE 105 x 230mm 4,9 Ag Acupuncture massager 1022 needles | Haushaltsgeräte, Pflege- Wellness-Geräte, Elektrische Massagegeräte.Lyapko applicators will be interesting to YOU, because: these are compact and easy to use devices whose design is intended to make their operation more comfortable. Needles of various metals (including silver, zinc, ferrum, copper, nickel), which are part of traditional acupuncture, are fixed on the rubber for medical devices which contains natural rubber; sharpened needles have no damage.Lyapko applicators are made in the form of elastic rubber plates and rollers. They are made of rubber for medical purposes (using only natural rubber) with the original fixed-in needles of metals necessary for the body (copper, iron, zinc, nickel, silver).

Buy LYAPKO Flat Acupuncture Applicator CHANCE 6.2 Ag 750 Needles Premium Acupressure Massager For Thick Skin Unique Patented Therapy Massage .Pentru ca aceasta să nu slăbească din cauza materialului insuficient de durabil Aplicator pentru sciatica din Lyapko sau Kuznetsov: caracteristici, utilizare și .Buy LYAPKO Acupuncture Mat Big Pad 7.0 Ag 2710 Needles. Unique Massager Active Applicator for the Relief of Pain & Stress. Premium Acupressure Patented .

Lyapko roller-applicator `Universal` is recommended for treatment and exact reflex diagnostics. Optimal dimensions of the working surface and the needle step of the applicator roller allow you to apply it to all areas of the body and head. The roller can be used in the treatment and diagnosis of people of all age groups.Find great deals on eBay for applicator lyapko. Shop with confidence.Amazing effective Acupuncture & Acupressure massage devices ➯ ✓ Pain relief ✓ Massage therapy ➯ ☆ Lyapko ☆ official website ➯ Rejuvenate the skin .