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Read more Idei, sugestii si scurtaturi pentruCum slabesti uniform Cum slabesti uniform Pareri Nutriționiștii ruși recomandă să limitați consumul de carbohidrați, în special zaharurile (bomboane, înghețată, ciocolată, produse de patiserie), deoarece se dizolvă repede în organism și se transformă în grăsime.

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Cum de a pierde în greutate de 20 de lire sterline

She suffered--she told me it was a Moultrie castemark--from some obscure form of chronic bronchitis, complicated with spasm of the glottis; and, in a dead, flat voice, with a sunken eye that looked and saw not, told me what washes, gargles, pastilles, and inhalations she had proved most beneficial.

Pastille definition: A pastille is a small, round sweet or piece of candy that has a fruit flavour. Some. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Some. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

There it was, already filled with the fragrant Salonica glittering with the gilt pastile, which, not too healthfully, adulterates the seductive weed with odours that pacify the repugnant censure of the fastidious -- for Maltravers was an epicurean even in his worst habits;.